Organizing A Race

Organizing a race can be a daunting task for the first time.  

For most of your competitors, race registration is usually the first contact they have with your event beyond advertising. It's an important time and needs to be clear and simple. 

Our web registration service gives you a clear, concise and simple platform with options for collecting payment for race entries and cool stuff like T-shirts. 

Use the button below to head to our event registration request - the form covers most of the options and questions.

If you require anything more complex please get in touch and we'll work out some options for you. 

Some events require more than just registration, timing and results. 

Some events require additional services such as event medical, sound, stage and lighting, power, catering, toilets and showers, security, photography and video - the list goes on. 

We've got a growing network of recommended companies who can be called upon for a range or services - after all "It's Who you know - not What you know"    - You are welcome to ask for advice and references.