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Registration Setup Request

This form contains most of the possible questions and information required to setup our on-line registration.

You do not have to fill in every section, but please take your time to read through the various options. We can provide a number of custom options and questions to suit your event - for example: T-Shirt ordering or add-on specials or merchandising.

Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions or need assistance deciding your registration needs. We are more than happy to assist!

If you don't like dealing with web forms - we are more than happy to spend some time with you, either by phone or in person.

*Payment collection incurs fees of US$1 per registration + PayPal fees of 3.4% + $0.45 NZD

https://salecalc.com/paypal is an on-line calculator you can use to estimate fees.

We do not apply any mark-up to these fees, and they are passed on transparently to you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like clarification on these fees, we can work out a more accurate estimate based on your anticipated competitor numbers.

Collection of payments is entirely optional - If you have a bank account available, we can simply provide details to the entrant in a confirmation message/email - however, it will be up to you to reconcile payments.

Please select participant questions

We can ask a number of custom questions using text entry boxes, radio buttons, T-Shirt sizes, multi-choice drop down menu, instruction text, links to images and website links.

Please advise of any requirements. Any entries can be added at a later date.

You may offer Discount codes, which can be optionally number-limited. For example - offer 10 only 25% discounts. Once they are claimed, no more will be issued.

You can specify discount codes which can be a word and/or numbers

Multiple discount codes can be setup, and added at a later date.

This is our standard, generic waiver text which you may use if you do not already have your own. You may customize as you wish. Simply copy & paste into edit window below and modify to suit your requirements.

By signing this application you agree that:

  • You were 18 years or older on the most recent 1 July (if you were not, this form must be completed by your legal guardian).
  • If you are completing this form on behalf of a family or a junior member, you agree to each of the following points on behalf of your family/junior.
  • You are fully aware of the risks of cycle sports and participating in cycling events including the risks of property damage, physical injury and death.
  • You are responsible for deciding whether you/your family/junior are fit and healthy enough and whether your bicycle and other equipment is adequate to safely participate in cycle events.
  • You participate at your own risk.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, the event organizer (including its agents, representatives, organizers and sponsors) will not be liable to you for any loss, damage, personal injury action, claim, costs or expenses you may suffer (to person or property) as a direct or indirect result of participating in any activity that the event organizer promotes, advertises or has any association with.
  • The event organizer can use (and can authorize any third party to use) photographs, video, recordings, data or any other record of your participation in any event for any legitimate purpose and you waive your rights to receive payment.
  • When participating in this event you will comply with any rules relevant to the event and you acknowledge that you can be refused access to the event if you engage or have engaged in any behavior the event organizer considers to be cheating or which brings the event into disrepute

Confirmation message can include links to web-hosted images and web pages which can be displayed as clickable buttons.

Please include any links in http://website.com format.